In-Home Private Lessons

Private Lessons are 90 minute training sessions with your family in your home or a location of your choice. Private Lessons are best for problems that are very specific to the home, such as housebreaking, crate training, chewing up stuff, excessive mouthing, etc. Private Lessons are also a great way to start if you just got a new dog or puppy.

Private Lessons are also often recommended for the following behavior problems:

  • barking/lunging at dogs or people
  • “separation anxiety”
  • conflicts with family dogs, people, or cats
  • growling, snapping, or biting over food, toys, spaces, or any other object
  • fearful or “aggressive” behavior

I often recommend bringing your dog in for a Behavior Evaluation first to explore whether an In-Home Private Lesson will be the best option for your dog. Behavior Evaluation fees can be credited towards Private Lessons, so there’s no risk!

First Lesson

Followup Lessons (within one year):
$30 discount.

There may be an additional fee of up to $20 for locations over 15 miles from 10010 Manchaca Rd (South locations) or 11821 Bittern Holw (North locations). Please contact us with your address to find out if a fee will need to be applied.

Use the online calendar to schedule Private Lessons.

If you are unable to find a convenient time on the calendar, you can email us at with three dates/times and we will do our best to accommodate.

Schedule an In-Home Private Lesson

Not sure what service is right for your dog?

Schedule a Behavior Evaluation or send us a message!