Specializing in problems relating to fear, anxiety, and “aggressive” behavior

Adult Dogs

over 16 weeks old

We offer comprehensive programs ranging from basic training to severe behavior problems.

Boarding School

Long-Stay Training Programs

Boarding School

Immersive long-stay programs ranging from basic training to overcoming moderate to severe behavior problems! Each program includes followup lesson with the owners.

Day School

Daycare Training Programs

Day School

Drop your dog off for training and daycare twice a week! Packages also include human lessons for you to follow through on the training.


Behavior Evaluations

In most cases, the first step is to bring your dog to our Behavior Center for an Evaluation. Together, we will define your goals and identify the best path to reach them based on your lifestyle.

To learn about Behavior Evaluations:

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Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available in your home or at our Behavior Center.

To learn about Private Lessons:

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Problem Busters Workshops


A workshop for trainers, rescue workers, & anyone who makes decisions based on dog behavior.

Dec 2, 2017

Dec 2. Just $39.

Learn how to diagnose problems and develop effective interventions that directly target the root causes of dog behavior issues during this new full day workshop.

Dec 2: No Bullshit Problem Solving

Dog Agility

Dog Agility works your dog’s mind and body, builds confidence, and improves your relationship. Plus it’s just crazy fun.

To learn about our Dog Agility services:

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16 weeks old & under

The most important tasks for new puppy parents are to socialize with many different types of dogs, people, and environments (without overwhelming!), and begin teaching self-control over their impulses. Additionally, they often need help with:

  • potty training
  • mouthing/biting
  • chewing stuff up
  • jumping

Our two puppy programs will help you with all of these issues and more!

Puppy 911

Puppy 911 is our free step-by-step guide for raising puppies right. If you are having problems with potty training, mouthing/biting, chewing, jumping:

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Quickstart Private Lessons

Specially priced in-home Private Lessons for puppies under 16 weeks old. Must be located within 5 miles of our Behavior Center.

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Discount applies to Day School, Private Lessons, and select Workshops only. Group Classes are not included. Offer is valid until yelp threatens to sue me or something, in which case I will immediately comply and remove the offer.

The Six Minute a Day Dog Training Challenge

A free online course for learning how to teach and improve your dog's skills!

Three Easy Steps for Booking Training

1. Select the date and time of your first appointment.

Use the online calendar to schedule Group Classes, Private Lessons, or Day School!

2. Purchase a Monthly Plan.

Choose between flexible Plans for any budget. Plans can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at any time.

3. Submit intake forms.

After you’ve purchased your Plan, you will need to complete a form or two and provide vaccination records (depending on the services you selected).

“In the time I have spent with Steve, he has unfailingly impressed me with his intense focus on animals and their behavior. His observation skills are sharp, constantly honed, all serving his deep curiosity about animals. Able to grasp both the practical and the theoretical, Steve is a careful and critical thinker who evaluates new information and integrates it thoughtfully into his own approach. Above all, I consider him to be a true “animal person” who I believe will make significant contributions to the field of animal behavior in the years to come.”
Suzanne ClothierInstructor, Dog Trainer and author of “Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening Our Relationships With Dogs”.

New Workshop for Dog Nerds!

For trainers, rescue folk, & anyone else who makes decisions based on dog behavior.

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Steve’s War Against Phone Tag
I hate phone tag and I imagine so do you. So join me in waging war against this insidious time-waster!

Because I am hands on working with dogs or clients, I often cannot pick up my phone. This leaves me a backlog of voicemails to return. I set aside some time to call people back, only to reach their voicemail. They then call me back and once again I am unable to take the call. And back and forth we go. The fact is that once we finally do connect on the phone, the information I give is information I could have much more efficiently through an email. Phone tag is a huge time suck and high source of anxiety for me! So I’ve waged a War against Phone Tag and will only answer inquiries through email. If you’d like to speak with me before committing to one of our training plans, I offer low cost options such as Orientation Classes and Behavior Evaluations. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I do this so that I can maximize the time I spend helping my clients and dogs. Trust me, and I will help you too. Thanks for your understanding!


Contact Info.

Day School, Behavior Evaluations & Group Classes are held at the DeBono Dog Behavior Center located at:

10010 Manchaca Rd., Austin, TX, 78748