You are a Gorilla: Building trust in fearful dogs

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You wake up in the middle of a large, unfamiliar room. In one corner of the room, a massive gorilla is napping. You pin yourself to the opposite corner - as far away from the gorilla as possible. You scan the room for a way out. There is none. The gorilla wakes up. You notice it's very male. He goes ... Read More

Fantastic Suzanne Clothier post: “If Only That Hadn’t Happened, This Dog Would Be Fine”


Wonderful post by Suzanne Clothier, somewhat related to my “Power of Choices and Options” post.Most dogs seem to inherently enjoy exploring and interacting with the stimuli provided by natural environments such as hiking trails. Even dogs who are especially prone to disruptions of “basic functioning” as described by Suzanne seem to enjoy these stimuli. I haven’t decided this for them, … Read More

The Power of Options and Choices for Treating Fearful Dogs


I am not sure what function this post will serve… one of these days I’ll write a more thoughtful, organized article about the topic, but this will be more of a freeform rant with bad grammar and poorly constructed sentences. The video above is of Cafe taken Monday, July 1. Cafe is an Austin Pets Alive! dog currently living with … Read More