Day School

General Day School Info

Day School combines intensive training with daycare.

Day School comes in packages of 8 or 24 School Days and each package includes Private/Semi-Private Lessons at our facility.

School Days: You bring your dog to us twice per week for training and daycare, dropping them off in the mornings and picking up in the evenings.

Private/Semi-Private Lessons:  You and your dog come in for a 50 min lesson where we help you apply what the dog is learning to your life. Sometimes these are one on one, other times they are semi-private lessons shared with one other owner/dog. Some of you will benefit more working alone, others will benefit more from working around other dogs, and the type of lesson you do will depend on your need. These lessons are designed to help you with what you need the most help with.

Day School comes in packages of 8 School Days or 24 School Days. 24 packs are discounted and come with extras. See below for details.

Day School Programs

We offer two types of Day School Programs. Which one is right for you depends on you and your dog’s needs.

The Life Skills Foundation Program is our basic “fundamentals” training program, based on our Life Skills curriculum and customized towards the needs of you and your dog. This program is for dogs who are generally comfortable in new environments and social situations, whose issues are generally not related to aggressive behavior or fear.

The Socialization/Behavior Program is for dogs that need help overcoming mild-moderate environmental fears, social deficiencies, or more complex behavior problems.

A Behavior Evaluation or Private Lesson is a prerequisite for all Day School services!

Basically if your dog is generally cool being in new places, meeting new people, and meeting new dogs then the Life Skills program is probably the right option for your dog. If they aren’t cool with those things or you aren’t sure, then they might need the Socialization/Behavior program. 

Answering the following Yes/No questions should help give you an idea of which program you’re likely to need:

  • Has your dog ever injured a person or another dog?
  • Has your dog shown “aggressive”, anxious, or fearful behavior towards people or other dogs more than three times?
  • Are any of your primary concerns a result of your dog behaving”aggressively”, becoming anxious or fearful, or barking excessively in a specific situation or situations?
  • Does your dog sometimes growl, bark, lunge, or otherwise freak out when seeing other dogs or people on or off leash?
  • Does your dog bark excessively or show anxious/fearful behavior when taken to most new environments or social situations?
  • Are you unsure about whether your dog might act “aggressively” towards dogs or people in any situation?

If you answered NO to ALL of the above questions, then your dog might be a good candidate for the Life Skills Foundation Program.

If you answered YES to ANY of the questions, then your dog might be a good candidate for the Socialization/Behavior Program.

But we’ll need to meet you and your dog before confirming which program will be needed!


Packages & Pricing

Pricing and packages are the same for both the Life Skills and the Socialization/Behavior programs. However,  “Real World Training Trip” or “Tandem Hike” add-ons may be required for dogs in the Socialization/Behavior program. We will discuss all that during the Behavior Evaluation.

While Day School is designed to be a 24 day program – we offer you the option of purchasing Day School in packages of 8, with no additional commitment necessary. Depending on your goals, 8 days might be enough!

The price for an 8 School Day Package is $600 and includes one 50 minute Private or Semi-private lesson at our facility.

The price for a 24 School Day Package is $1750 ($50 discount) and includes SIX Private or Semi- Private Lessons at our facility and two free “Real World” Training Trip and/or Tandem Hike add-ons (as needed, at our discretion).

8 School Day Package


  • 8 School Days (2x per week)
  • 1 Private or Semi-Private Lesson at our facility
  • “Real World” Training Trip and Tandem Hike Add-Ons Available for Additional Fee (May be required for Behavior/Socialization Program dogs)

24 School Day Package


$50 discount
  • 24 School Days (2x per week)
  • Six Private or Semi-Private Lessons at our facility
  • Two “Real World” Training Trip and/or Tandem Hike Add-Ons included

About School Days

Each day, we give your dog a highly structured routine based on their needs, incorporating a healthy mix of 1) training, 2) play, and 3) rest sessions.

Training Sessions
We work with your dog one on one several times per day in and around our facility. Training sessions vary based on which program your dog is enrolled in (see below), but are always customized to your dog’s needs. When your dog is ready, we visit neighbor businesses such as Lofty Dog pet store and Moontower Saloon for practice sessions in public environments. 

For additional “proofing” of the training, we offer a few add-on services. “Real World” Training Trips to other locations such as Pet Smart, Home Depot, or a location of your choice (within a 15 minute drive) provide your dog with even more practice in busier public places. Tandem Hikes to Mary Moore Searight Park provide opportunities for your dog to really be a dog while safely practicing “off-leash” skills. If able to be done safely, off-leash hikes on designated off-leash trails are some of the most beneficial and rewarding activities that you and your dog can share.

Play Sessions
Play Sessions most often incorporate socialization and play with other carefully selected dogs. We believe in structured play that is highly supervised and managed – playtime shouldn’t be a free-for-all whirlwind of total chaos. We incorporate training and encourage regular breaks, and work hard to ensure they remain responsive to our guidance and signals throughout. Playtime not only provides dogs with a therapeutic release of tension, but also provides an opportunity for your dog to learn things they can’t learn in any other way.

Rest Sessions
In between training and playtime, dogs rest in our climate controlled building. Just like us, dogs need plenty of rest to function well. To keep the indoors restful for your dog and other dogs, we are very serious about keeping stress levels low for the dogs. 

Day School vs. Boarding School

Both Day School and Boarding School services offer similar goals using different formats. So you might be wondering which format is right for you, your dog, and your situation. The answer is that I probably won’t know until I meet you and your dog during a Behavior Evaluation.

Each format has certain strengths and weaknesses. For some of you, Day School will be the most effective option – for others it will be Boarding School. And for some, it won’t make much difference. During the Behavior Evaluation we will discuss how each format can address (or not address) your personal situation.

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